Rene Erwee

Professional Hairstylist

According to the dictionary a salon refers to a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host or hostess.

From the 17th century till today authors, artists and philosophers have been drawn together to talk, to amuse, to deliberate, to refine their taste and increase their knowledge through conversation.

And the men and women, who typically embraced this culture of conversation in the salons, have been known to do it with great elan or style.

Today the word salon also refers to gatherings of people, mostly women, around activities related to beauty, style and fashion. They meet to talk, to laugh, to learn, to be inspired and most importantly, thanks to the knowledge, skill and flair of the stylists, to see their dreams come true.

And that is what Salon élan is all about – when our guests leave our salon after enjoying a styling experience with, lively conversation, good coffee, and they feel confident, chic and elegant.

But the first thing we do when a guest comes to visit, is to establish exactly what hairstyle will best suit her or him and whether they are able to maintain it every day. We also make a point of showing them how to maintain the look until the next visit to Salon élan. Then we make their visions a reality.

We want to help our guests look and feel stylish and elegant every day.

The women who have been the hostesses at Salon élan since 2010 are mother and daughter team Allyson and Rene.

Allyson is well-known and respected as a hair stylist in the Helderberg area for over 30 years. It therefore came as no surprise that Rene has followed in her footsteps.

“I literally grew up in the salon,” Rene says. “I was destined to follow in my mother’s footsteps.”

At the age of 16, Rene started her studies at Northlink College, one of the leading colleges in the field of hairdressing in South Africa. With the good grounding she received there and Allyson teaching her all the tricks of the trade in the salon, Rene she graduated as one of the top students in her class.

On qualifying Rene went on to accomplish her dream to work as a hair stylist on board luxury cruise liners owned by Steiner, the largest spa operator in the world.

After travelling the world, Rene returned and worked at House of Hair in Stellenbosch where she applied what she had learnt from the many different international stylists on the liners.

Two years after that Rene and Alyson embarked on a new venture together when they became the stylish salonnières Salon elan.

Allyson Howes

Professional Hairstylist